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Enviromentally Focused
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Here at Davis Family Farms, we take pride in returning the favor to the environment for taking care of us by using farming techniques and implementing practices that take care of it. A few examples include sustainable farming, eco-friendly agriculture, and integrating technology in our processes.


Sustainable farming is an environmentally friendly technique that involves the conservation of water, maintenance of soil health, and the minimization of air and water pollution.


Eco-friendly agriculture involves the harmonious interaction of landscapes that support both agricultural production and biodiversity conservation to help improve the livelihoods of rural communities as well as supporting our surrounding wildlife and habitats.


Advancements in technology have played a huge role in the creation of eco-conscious and eco-friendly farming methods. Our use of technology reduces labor costs and harm to the environment.

Bob White Quail thrive with our Quail Habitat_3_s_198617573.jpg
White Tailed Deer thrive with abundant food and water sources_7_s_168893247.jpg
Preservation of our wetlands attract Wood Ducks and other wildlifeduck_3_s_102657424.jpg
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